Nathan La Motte on SEVEN

Nathan La Motte

1. At Last – The decision to make At Last the first track on the album was an early one.  When naming my songs, I make sure the name coincides with the emotion I want to convey.  In the case of At Last, it expresses the sense of release or completion. Incidentally, that’s the way I feel about this album.

2. Identity: Unknown –  My first attempt at film score, Identity: Unknown  takes original spy themes and mixes them with the classical motives of Beethoven’s Für Elise.  It starts out subtly, and gradually builds as it enters the melody.  This song is a roller coaster ride of emotion.

3. Blessed Assurance – Blessed Assurance is one of my favorite hymns.  My arrangement has a very different feel than most would expect.  I changed the time signature and rearranged the verses, giving it a more pop-modern feel.  I’m very pleased with the outcome of this track.

4. Breakthrough – Breakthrough is a mixture of rock, pop, and classical.  I got the idea for this song while playing through one of my old piano books.  The song I was playing had the interesting idea of starting out in a minor key and ending in a major key, which is something that I included in this track.

5. Reflections – Originally, a different song was suppose to fill this slot.  But after writing Reflections, I had to put it on the album.  This song is my mom’s favorite.  It’s slow and meaningful, full of emotion.

6. The Return – This song is my interpretation of what a medieval film score would sound like.  It is perhaps the most technical to play, and for good reason.  The soaring melodies and majestic fanfare can be a challenge, but are immensely rewarding.

7. I Surrender All/Ode to Joy – To finish out the album, I wrote a medley of two great songs.  I Surrender All is a relatively unknown hymn that can be found in most of the old hymn books.  After playing around with the melody, I had the idea to weave in Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.  The result turned out better than I expected.

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